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File That Under Rules I Never Thought We’d Have to Make

February 4, 2015


We had two guests over for dinner last night. Everyone was happily enjoying the delicious roast chicken when something in the kitchen caught my eye.

Lady Bug was by the refrigerator, putting away the milk. I couldn’t see her directly, but her reflection in the oven door was enough for me to realize what was happening. And so I had the opportunity to say these words:

Are you putting away the milk jug with your feet???

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  1. Rina Macasaet permalink
    February 6, 2015 6:02 pm

    Amazing! no spillage ? 🙂

    • February 12, 2015 7:05 pm

      I am still amazed there was no mess. I can only conclude they have practiced long enough to master the technique.

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