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Day Two: Meditation 101

November 2, 2015


On the mornings when the smallish bears are at their papa’s house, my morning routine is less rushed. Today was one of those mornings. I slept a little later, moved a little slower. It is easier (usually) to get one Magic Princess out of the house on schedule than to corral two bears and said princess.

Having that little bit of extra time (and extra quiet) reminded me that I’d been meaning to spend some moments in stillness. Just a few minutes of intentional being. As luck would have it, I had also noticed a guided meditation series beginning this week. Perfect!

I found the website and created my account. The first day’s meditation was just over twenty minutes long.  Great! I found my ear buds and prepared for my journey toward mindfulness. My immediate next thought? What can I do for twenty minutes while I’m meditating?  Ooh! I can empty and refill the dishwasher and probably wash the dishes in the sink too…

Remind me again how meditation is supposed to work?


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