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Day Three: Treasures?

November 3, 2015


There is a file in the desk labeled Books & Reading Lists. What a rabbit hole! What were you reading in the summer of 1996? I was living with my grandparents and had no job other than a daily walk to the library and countless hours to read.

There are pages and pages of lists. Books I read, books I meant to read, Pulitzer winners in order by year, names of other interesting literary awards. A library wish list in many colors of ink.

What do I do with these? I am not using them, but they also don’t take up much space. I still make lists of what I’ve read, but now it is more likely to be in a journal and not on looseleaf or Franklin-Covey note sheets. Looking over them makes me smile. There are still so many books I haven’t read!


The rest of this drawer – ugh! This does not bring me joy. The folders are ugly and I only open the drawer when we’ve recently moved.  I was happy to discover the Letters to Answer folder was empty, but not surprised. There’s a basket on the desk for that now.


What to save and what to toss. This is not a new dilemma. For now, yes, the reading lists can stay, but the drawer will be reclaimed for other purposes.

Maybe boxes of photographs? I seem to have piles of those.


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