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Day Nine: Patterns

November 9, 2015


The quilt I am making and the socks I am knitting are rather coordinated.



I am three inches or so away from finishing the second sock. A doctor running behind and a church council meeting scored me more than two hours of extra knitting time.  I am thankful for the extra rows. Today was an anxious day and the steady stiches helped keep things together.

For the past several months, my doctor has been watching my glucose levels. It began with a low reading we took to be an anomaly and has landed us in a mystery. Glucose measurements  have been low,  insulin has been quite high. My days are filled with extra snacks and small meals and watchful family and friends and shaky moments. Today I came home with a new tool. We are watching for patterns.


It will take us a couple of days to get used to each other. Please send prayers and positive thoughts. I will continue to distract myself with knitting these lovely socks and planning my coordinating Christmas decorations.


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