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Day Eighteen: Blah

November 18, 2015


It is after 9PM and I am working. That is some indicator of how the day went. A technical issue at work combined with an afternoon appointment for a smallish bear led to seriously decreased productivity. I’m in a better spot now, but cranky from the long day. Frustrated with myself for being less present than I intended to be. Annoyed at one bear who forgot her parents speak to each other and will know if she is trying to play the two-house system. And so on…

It is not easy to snap out of this attitude. My face is solidly fixed at irritated. My whole self is blah.

Step one on the path to more joyful moments is to close up this work computer and go for a walk. It is late, but we’re in a better neighborhood now and I might be able to convince the Kettle Slayer to go with me.

Step two is to get to bed on time.

Step three is to be gentle with myself, with bears, and coworkers and try again tomorrow.

This blah ain’t got nothing on me!

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