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Everyday Algebra

December 6, 2015


A thirteen stitch lace motif from one designer added to a fifty-two stitch fingerless mitt from another designer, preferably centered and properly spaced from the thumb.  So that’s fifty-two divided by two less thirteen and then divided by two again. Only that’s not even so move the thumb over one stitch and hope for the best.

This is the sort of math I’m doing tonight. Once it’s sorted, I’ll be able to make this my take-along project, but the set up must happen at home in the quiet. Happily, I’m far enough along in my knitting life to remember to write down both the plan and what I actually did so that the second mitt has a chance of matching the first. I just need to remember to reverse things a little so that both motifs end up on the backs of the hands.

This handy chart should help. Really.


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