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Steps. Lots of Steps.

December 8, 2015


When I got out of hospital in July, I was determined to work towards a healthier me by moving more. My natural inclination is to knit by the fire, or by the lake, or sit and text on the couch. At work I sit at my desk and run meetings and conference calls. Occasionally I have to go from the 3rd floor to the 5th floor.  Not much physical activity in my normal routine.

In August I set my step goal at 3000 steps a day. Still in pain and weakened from the hospital stay, even 3000 was a challenge. Finally in October I was reaching my goal often enough that I bumped it up to 4000. And then 5000 in November.

We moved in there too and suddenly I was living in a safer neighborhood and able to walk bears to school in the morning or add extra steps at night. I started intentionally adding walks to my day. Walking to church. Walking just to walk.

Increasing the step goal has been one marker of progress, but my eyes have been on a bigger prize – a ten mile week. Not ten miles of incidental walking, but ten miles of exercise walking. This would have been unimaginable a year ago.

I think I’ll hit it this week! My father’s second heart attack has reminded me again how fragile our bodies are, especially if we don’t put any effort into taking care of them.  I am motivated and excited to feel how easy a mile and a half is now.

Today I walked to and from the hospital. As of this moment I’m at 10486 steps for the day. I don’t anticpate making that daily, still it is thrilling to see it is possible.


A favorite walking destination

A ten mile week!! It’s going to happen. Already I’m excited about the next goal. What will it be?

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