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2016 Ideas

January 2, 2016


2015 was the year of many changes. New job, new house, new health challenges, teenager-almost-but-not-quite-adult.  A busy year. I feel as though we ended it happier than we began and am looking forward to the joy 2016 will bring.

As always, there are resolutions for the new year. I take great pleasure in making and attempting to keep these, sometimes trading one for another or abandoning some completely. Change is inevitable.

Many of my resolutions feel more personal this year. There is work to do internally. That is inevitable as well.

I picked eight words to describe what I hope to experience and/or embody this year: joy, presence, prosperity, love, balance, creation, completion, and serendipity.

A broad concept weaving through many of my goals and plans is to use what I have. I don’t always need to run out and buy.  The first shop should be my own resources.

One easily measurable goal is to walk 550 miles this year. I am excited to see and feel how that works out.

There are quilts and sweaters and bits of knitting and writing to finish. I am still finding my space in this new house. Settling in and completing projects. The new house comes with new projects too. I am almost done with dining room curtains.


Today the year is full of hope and promise. May it continue to be so!

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  1. brixton permalink
    January 2, 2016 5:21 pm

    I like this list and these intentions.

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