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Worth Keeping, Worth Letting Go

December 10, 2015


Today’s theme for the 2015 Advent Photo Project was I wish I’d done it earlier.

I saw it while I was at work and knew exactly what my photo would be. Work, dinner, an extra walk (hit that ten mile week!!), bears. All of these things filled the evening until this moment.


And just like that, ten minutes later, fifteen years and fifteen pounds of unhappy words are out of my house.

I kept a page about Lima Bean’s first piano recital, the page where I wrote about Lady Bug’s arrival (months later), a card from a high school friend, an Advent idea I wanted to try, a think of me note someone added to my journal, and some sketches of quilt blocks. Six pieces of paper. I didn’t find the notebook I had after Lima Bean was born or I’d have saved her arrival story too.

I feel better now than when I wrote all of that. For a long time, I thought I needed to keep it to remind myself of my mistakes and to prove to myself that some of the more horrible things had happened.  Newsflash: I don’t need the paper reminders.

Here’s to a happier, lighter life. And to valuable real estate on my bookshelf!


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