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Monday Night at the Blue Castle

January 4, 2016


One bear asleep upstairs, one bear asleep by the fire, one mama almost asleep on the sofa, one Kettle Slayer making music in his studio.

The first day at work after vacation always feels longer and more exhausting than other work days. I am tired.

Reentry is not my strong suit. I made careful preparations this time around. Packing my lunch and my work bag the night before. Making sure the work phone was charged. Having my clothes chosen and ready. Going to bed on time.  Ensuring there was a plan for dinner. These things are key.

Even more important is effort on my part to have a happy heart. It is easier on all of us when I choose to be happy and kind when I most want to be tired and crabby. Today was a success.

One of my Stewardship of Self resolutions this year is to go to bed on time. Somewhere in my heart I think that grown-ups should be able to stay up as long as they want to. And that time is at least 11PM.  Just one problem.  My body doesn’t want to be up that late.  And I am finally making an effort to trust that going to sleep by 10 will make my world a better place.

What self-care are you working on in 2016?

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  1. January 5, 2016 8:52 pm

    I found that having a kid made going to bed on time so much harder — that’s my me time! I don’t want to give it up!

    But, yes. My body wants me to go to bed by 9!

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