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Choir Wisdom

January 5, 2016


Our choir director has the gift of making good sentences. Often the source of much laughter, tonight two of these sentences hit me in a much deeper place – right in the middle of my parenting conscience.

You are in charge of lightening the weight of your own voice.

I came home from choir. It is cold here today. Wisconsin cold, but thankfully without the bitter prairie wind. My work day was difficult. I felt the signs of an impending sinus headache.  One bear up past bedtime (I didn’t know it was time!), one bear sound asleep surrounded by open text books.  Wake up! Now is not the time to nap!! I shake her gently, but my voice is angry. Wake. Up.

And I hear it again. You are in charge of lightening your own voice. Important words.

I’m always surprised that you don’t have the same problems I do.

These bears are like me and so unlike me. I assume they will have trouble trying new things because I have trouble trying new things.  They don’t. I’m the only one worrying about that.

I figure they will be frightened by an image or idea because I am frightened.  They are not.

No, they have different hang-ups. I need to remember that too.

So, yes, I was paying attention in choir tonight. Really. And because I was busy having these parenting epiphanies, I’m still not sure where we’re supposed to breathe in measure 76.

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