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In the Kitchen

January 18, 2016


The Kettle Slayer and I had a rare opportunity for dinner together at home without the smallish bears. Fine Cooking is my go-to magazine for food inspiration and, once again, they provided an amazingly delicious dish that will be added to our home menu.


The few minutes in the kitchen were like a mini-vacation. Slicing, mixing, seasoning, ahhh. I was immersed in food last week, but had no time to do my own cooking. The crinkle of the parchment paper hinted at good things to come.


I’ve only recently come to accept that pistachios are edible, just in time to enjoy this one pan meal.


Gold star to me for remembering that the fishmonger can skin the fish for me even if I already know how.


It always surprises me how little time it takes in that room for my stress to melt away. I couldn’t resist a peek into the oven.


And the finished product was lovely. 

It is easy to set aside things I enjoy in favor of things I think I should be doing instead. It is equally important to make time for enjoyable activities. How fortunate that, in this case, necessity and delight are intertwined! We need to eat. I love to make food. Thankful, indeed.

Where do you find the intersection of delight and duty?


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