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A Year in Faith: Telling the Stories

January 20, 2016


The smallish bears are catching on to my project. At dinner tonight I asked if they knew what I was going to ask them.

Lady Bug shouted, “How was school? No, wait! What happened in church?”

They remember more than they think they do. At first both bears agreed that they didn’t know because they’d only read enough of the bulletin to learn when Sunday School would start. Singing, yes, but not which hymns.

They told me all about the Sunday School lesson. How Jesus turned the water into wine at the wedding. How he was all “nah mom, I don’t wanna“, but his mom was all “just do what he says.”

I asked why this story was important. Why do we tell it?

Because it’s the most easiest way to show that Jesus loves us because he does nice things for people.


What happened last week in church?

Again, neither bear thought they remembered. I went back to the beginning. We start with baby Jesus in Bethlehem, what’s next?

Epiphany. The three kings.

And then?

Jesus dies!

There are moments in these conversations when I’m simultaneously glad they’re absorbing something and horrified/amused that they’re not quite getting the big picture.  A year or so ago, Lady Bug drew pictures of Zues on the cross because he was the god she was most interested in at the time. This was even more amusing as Pablo is the head of the Christian Education committee. We’re doing great with these bears!


No crucifixion yet.  Let’s think back. Birth, Epiphany,…

Baptism! Oh, I remember that because we did a silent play and so and so was Jesus and someone else was that other guy (pause) John, and I was God. I got to hold a paper dove.


What did God say in the story?

This guy is my son and he’s awesome.

I’m not sure we’re clear on why we share the stories, but they are sinking in somehow. I’ll take it.

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  1. January 21, 2016 12:49 pm

    I am so laughing out loud. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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